Study Abroad at TMU


Residents of some countries are required to apply for short-term visas when entering Japan; visas are waived for residents of other countries. If you will be participating in the TMU Summer / Winter programs, please check the following information:

□For a list of countries whose residents are eligible for visa waivers, please visit the link below. link
Note: While visas are waived for Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei, residents of these countries are only granted stays of fifteen days. If you come from one of those nations, you will need to apply for a short-term visa to participate in the intensive Japanese-language and culture course, which usually take three to four weeks.

□For a list of countries whose residents require short-term visas, please visit the link below. link
Please apply on your own for a short-term visa at your local diplomatic mission (Japanese embassy or consulate-general). The university will send the necessary visa application documents to students who have been accepted into the program.