Study Abroad at TMU

Advising Services

1.International Student Advising Office

The International Student Advising Office is here to assist international students, as well as students and teachers supporting the international students. The assistant professors at the International Center are the advisors for students. The international student advisors can help you with any concerns about academics, interpersonal relationships, family circumstances, life in Japan, etc. All consultations are kept strictly confidential so feel free to share whatever is on your mind.

International Student Advisors

  • ○ Assistant Prof. Chiho KABEYA
  • ○ Associate Prof. Senjo NAKAI

Locations / Hours

The advising services are open in every campus. Please find the opening hours of the services at each campus from the below schedule.
linkMinami-Osawa campus
linkHino campus
linkArakawa campus

We recommend you to make an appointment via email in advance.
Please make your appointment during Summer/Winter break.
※Services are available in English and in Japanese.

2.Other Counseling Services

The Student Counseling Room and the Career Support Affairs Office at the Student Support Center offer counseling services to address various problems

(1)Student Counseling Room
The professional psychology counselors provides face to face counseling to help students solve problems they may have through student life such as interpersonal relationships personality and adjustment issues, etc.

Appointment hours : Monday - Friday, 10:00 - 17:00
Counseling hours : Monday - Friday, 10:00 - 17:30
Place : Room 242, 2F, Bldg.7
Tel : 2121(ext.) / 042-677-2376 (direct)

(2)Career Support Affairs Office (Career Counseling)
At the Career Support Affairs Office, the professional career counselors, the career support specialists and the job counselors provide consultation services including career guidance and job placement, etc. as well as a career support event entitled “Job Guidance for International Students Seeking for Jobs in Japan.” You will find valuable information and materials related to career opportunities at the annexed reference room. The “Employment Guidebook” is available for students who are looking for a job. International students searching for career opportunities in Japan are encouraged to seek consultation as early as possible.

Counseling hours : Monday to Friday (appointments required)
*Career counseling services are available during summer and spring break.

Place : 1F, Bldg. 7 , Minami-Osawa campus
*Career counseling services are available on Hino and Arakawa Campuses.
Phone number : 042-677-1140 (direct)

(3)Health Service Offices
Medical consultation with a school physician is available for students.
Please access the link below for more details. (Japanese website only).

3.Other Counseling services (Off-Campus Services)

Information on counseling services outside of TMU for Foreign Residents is available in the handbook for International Students. Please click pdfhere for more details.