Study Abroad at TMU

Before arriving in Japan

1 Acquiring a Student Visa

The student visa acquisition process for new visitors to Japan selected as Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship students is as follows:

  1. Japanese Government Scholarship Students—Embassy Recommendation
    Please follow the instructions of the Japanese embassy or consulate-general (diplomatic mission) in your home country.
  2. Japanese Government Scholarship Students—University Recommendation
    Please follow the instructions of TMU’s International Affairs Office.

Note: Privately financed international students must request a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau through TMU before applying for a student visa at a diplomatic mission. Japanese government scholarship students do not require a COE.

2 First Installment of the Scholarship

You will receive the first installment of your scholarship approximately one month to one and a half months after your arrival in Japan. With that in mind, please bring around $2,000 as living expenses until you receive your scholarship.