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Pre-Registration for Scholarship Application

※Please find important information here.

■Important Announcement

If you wish to apply for any scholarship for privately financed international students, you need to complete the Pre-Registration for Scholarship Application. Your registration is effective for one year.

■Scholarships Requiring Pre-Registration for Scholarship Applications

May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 2025
Feb Mar
Scholarship JASSO Honors Scholarship for AY2024
Scholarships Requiring University Recommendation
& Scholarships Requiring Collective Application Submission for AY 2024
Scholarships Requiring University Recommendation & Scholarships Requiring Collective Application Submission for AY2025

■Current Student

StatusApplication PeriodHow to Register
Current Student MAR 11 - MAR 15, 2024 (due NLT) Submission by Postal Mail
※ Privately-Financed International Students who go to the next grade and re-enroll at APR 2024
Newly enrolled Student ARP 1 - APR 5, 2024 (due NLT)
※ Newly Enrolled Privately-Financed International Students at APR 2024

※ Students who will enroll or re-enroll and go to the next grade in October is not targeted. We will advise next September.

■How to Register

Regarding the application process, check out the Scholarship Booklet. Submission by postal mail is only acceptable. Submission over the counter at the Internatinal Affairs Office is not acceptable.

linkScholarship Booklet(PDF) 

■Required Documents

linkEntry Sheet (Basic Information) (Excel)
※Save Entry Sheet (Basic Information) in your PC and enter your information.
Due to faculties restructure in 2018, the upper section of the pull-down menu is created for students enrolled before 2018, and the lower for students enrolled in 2018 and after. There are many courses on the pull-down menu; please be careful when you select.
For those who have not yet made course decision, please select a course of your current preference on the pull-down menu.

linkEntry Sheet (Self-PR) (PDF)
※Make sure to fill out the Entry Sheet (Self-PR) by hand.

linkGrades Evaluation for Scholarships Application Pre-Registration for Privately Financed International Students(PDF)

linkAddress Label(PDF)

⑤ After completing the postal mailing, please fill out the following Completion Report form to report your submission.
(Otherwise you will not be pre-registered.)

Completion Report

■Submission of a scholarship application request after you have completed your pre-registration

Submit an application request for a scholarship which you wish to apply for. You may not apply for any scholarship unless you have completed your pre-registration.

linkScholarship Application Request(Excel)


If you have any inquiry, contact International Affairs Office.

International Affairs Office, First Floor of International House