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VISA / Status of Residence

Information on Immigration, Status of Residence: please view

Information on the organization/structure and locations of the immigration bureau: please view here .link

Issuance of Residence Card

A “Residence Card” will be issued to mid- to long-term residents with status of residence when granted permission of landing. It will not be issued to those who granted permission to stay for 3 months or less, or those who granted “Temporary Visitor” status.
At Narita, Haneda, Chubu, and Kansai Airports, mid- to long-term residents will be issued a residence card. At other ports of entry/departure, a seal of landing verification will be stamped in the passport and the description “Residence card will be issued at a later date” will be made near the stamp. In this case, a resident card will be issued after a mid- to long-term resident follows the residency procedure at the municipal office of the city/ward/town.
*when a mid- to long-term resident who has an alien registration card applies for work-permit, the permission will be stamped on his/her passport and a residence card will not be issued at the time because this application is not involving the issue of a new residence card.

Matters to be reported to the Immigration Services Agency

Under the current residency management system, you are required to report to the authorities within a designated period of time when there is any change in the following residency details. Failure to comply could result in penalties. You must be responsible for collecting information necessary for appropriately residing in Japan.

(1) Change of name or nationality

In case you change your name, nationality and/or other personal details (for instance, through marriage) you must file a notification to the Immigration Services Agency within 14 days of the change.

(2) Application for re-issuance of Resident card

In case your resident card is lost or stolen, you must report it to the Immigration Bureau within 14 days of discovering the loss. Also, if your resident card is severely damaged or defaced, you must apply for reissuance at a Regional Immigration Bureau as soon as possible.

(3) Transferring /Withdrawal from university

Students who were removed from the university register due to graduation, completion or withdrawal, or who have transferred or got into another university, after having obtained permission of landing, a change of status of residence or an extension of period of stay after July 9, 2012, must file a notification of change to the Immigration Services Agency within 14 days of the change.

(4) When you already have a status of residence of "Student" and enroll in TMU

If you already have a status of residence of 'Student' and have transferred to this University from another institution (university, Japanese language school, etc.), please notify the Immigration Services Agency of the change in your institution within 14 days of enrolment.

  • Subjects: Students with the status of residence "Student" (new arrivals are not required to submit a notification).
  • Notifier: the international student him/herself
  • Content of notification: Notification of institution of affiliation (transfer)
  • Notification deadline: within 14 days of enrolment
  • Method of notification: one of the following: online, in person at the counter or by post
  • Where to report to: Immigration Services Agency

Immigration Services Agency website

*Failure to notify may result in punitive actions.

Extension of Period of Stay / Change of status of residence

(1) The status of residence

The status of residence of “Student” is valid for either 3months, 6months, one year, one year and three months, two years, or two years and three months, three years, or three years and three months, four years, or four years and three months. Those whose permitted period of stay will soon be expired must extend their period of stay at the Immigration Services Agency two weeks prior to the expiration date at the latest. Applications for extension will be accepted from three months prior to the expiration date.

If you wish to change your current status of residence (e.g. family stay, etc.) to the status of residence "student" when you enter the University, you must apply for permission to change your status of residence.

(2) Required documents

linkCompleted application form for extension or change of status ( five sheets)
(Forms can be obtained from the Ministry of Justice website.)
Note: Two out of the five sheets are the “Application Form for Organization”, these two forms are issued by International Affairs Office. Please refer to (4) Application of “Application Form for Organization” for details.
1 ID photo (3cm x 4cm)
Resident card (Alien Registration Certificate Card)
Certificate of enrollment (undergraduate & graduate students)
University transcript (undergraduate & graduate students)
Certificate of engaging in research work (research students)
Evidence of financial capability (financial situation): e.g., a copy of the bank book, certificate of a scholarship recipient, etc.
Application fee of \ 4,000
Note: An applicant who is newly enrolled in a course must submit the following additional documents.
A copy of the “Letter of Acceptance” and a copy of the “Admission Fee Payment Notice” (prospective undergraduate and graduate students)
Offer Letter by the University as a research student (prospective research students)

(3) Reminders

Any document written in a foreign language must be attached with a Japanese translation.
Any Japanese certificates are valid for three months from the date of issuance.
In recent years, the Immigration Services Agency has become extremely strict in its examination of renewal of residence due to repeating a year. If you are unavoidably unable to graduate or complete your studies within the standard completion year, you may be required to submit a 'guidance (teaching) plan' or 'statement of reasons' from your supervisor/the teacher in charge. Please consult the International Affairs Office in such cases as soon as possible.

(4) Application of “Application Form for Organization”

Please attaching below required documents and send email to if you would like to issue it. (Application is also accepted at the counter of International Affairs Office.) ※Please apply well in advance as it takes up to a week to be issued.

link“Application Form for Organization”(Click linkhere for Sample Entry)
Residence card copy(both sides)
Students ID(both sides)

※ Research students should submit Research Student ID (both sides) + 'Certificate of engaging in research work’

(5) Notifying to the University

When you acquire a new Residence Card, read carefully linkNotes, access the following Web system, and upload the copies of both sides of your new Residence Card (data by jpeg or pdf) without fail.
Confirmation of Certificates (

Temporary Return to Home Country and Travel Abroad

(1) Re-entry Permit

Foreign nationals in possession of a valid passport and Resident card (Alien registration card) who will be re-entering Japan within one year of their departure to continue their activities in Japan will, in principle, not be required to apply for a re-entry permit. (This is called a special re-entry permit.) Be sure to present your resident card (Alien Registration card) at departure.

Foreign nationals who have departed from Japan on a special re-entry permit will not be able to extend that permit while abroad. Please note that such foreign nationals will lose their resident status if they fail to re-enter Japan within 1 year of their departure.

*If your period of stay expires within 1 year after your departure, please ensure that you re-enter Japan before the expiration of your period of stay

(2) Notifying to the University

If you have a plan to travel overseas or visit your home country, you must notify your academic advisor of your trip and submit the ” linkForm of Temporary Return to Home Country and Travel Abroad ” to the International Affairs. When you come back to Japan, you must also notify your re-entry to your academic advisor and the International Affairs Office.