Study Abroad at TMU


Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU) offers a 3-week program twice a year for students from partner universities around the world to boost Japanese language skills through intensive courses tailored to Japanese proficiency level, and experience Japanese culture firsthand through workshops and field studies.

This summer, TMU invites students from partner universities on a unique journey. Immerse yourself in Japanese language and culture while exploring the time-honored concept of Dō (pronounced doh), meaning the “way.”
Dō embodies the lifelong pursuit of mastery, a philosophy deeply rooted in Japanese culture.

This program offers:
・Intensive Japanese language courses: Tailored to your existing proficiency level.
・Experience Dō firsthand through interactive workshops and field studies on traditional arts like shodō (calligraphy), kendō (swordsmanship), and sadō (tea ceremony).
・Learn its application in modern business practices through insightful lectures.

Join us and learn the essence of Japanese culture – past, present, and the path to excellence.

Summer 2024

Application Guide(Summer 2024)