Study Abroad at TMU

Prior to Arriving in Japan

1. Acceptance (about two months before start of study abroad)

The International Affairs Office will send exchange students a certificate of acceptance.

2. Visa acquisition process

(1) Proxy application for a Certificate of Eligibility for a Status of Residence (COE)
You will need to obtain a COE from the Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice before you can acquire a visa. TMU will apply for a COE on your behalf.
(2) Procedures after receiving the COE
If TMU has applied for a COE on your behalf, we will send it along with your certificate of acceptance to the person in charge at your university. You will then be asked to take the following documents and apply for a student visa at the Japanese embassy or consulate-general with jurisdiction over your country/region of residence:

b.Certificate of acceptance
d.Other required documents*

*This will differ depending on your country/region of residence. Since some documents will take time to prepare, please contact your region’s Japanese embassy or consulate-general about what is required before your COE arrives.

3. Buying air tickets

Please buy your own air tickets. If you are buying a round-trip air ticket, we recommend purchasing one that will allow you to change the return trip date. Please make certain that you do not need to return home before the exam period ends.

4. Other

After you complete the enrollment procedures at your local city office, your National Health Insurance will apply from the day you enter housing. Please purchase travel insurance to protect yourself from any accidents, etc. that might occur before then.