Study Abroad at TMU

Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship for 2023 Research Students Embassy Recommendation

Contact TMU

Only applicants who have passed the preliminary screening conducted by their Japanese embassy or consular general and wish to enroll in TMU should contact the International Affairs Office.

1.Look for a prospective supervisor

2.Request for issuance of a Letter of Provisional Acceptance

Please submit the following documents as an electronic file.

Application documents

I. link Application Form for a Provisional Letter of Acceptance (Excel data)
II. A copy of passing certificate of the primary screening issued by Japanese Embassy or Consulate General in your country (PDF)
III. A set of application documents (PDF)

  • ① Application form
  • ② Field of Study and Research Plan
  • ③ Academic transcript for all academic year of university attended(in Japanese or English)
  • ④ Certification of graduation or degree certificate of the university attended (in Japanese or English) (If the applicant has not yet graduated, submit a certificate of prospective graduation.)
  • ⑤ Recommendation letter from the president/dean or the academic advisor at the current or last university attended
  • ⑥ Abstracts of thesis (* Only when submitted to a diplomatic mission abroad)
  • ⑦ Certificate of language proficiency (Japanese or English) (* Only when submitted it to a diplomatic mission abroad)
  • ⑧ Recommendation letter from present employer (* Only when you have submitted it to a diplomatic mission abroad)

It is not necessary to contact your desired supervisor in advance.
Please prepare the returned documents from the Embassy with a confirmation stamp.

Please fill out the “Application Form for a Provisional Letter of Acceptance”, upload all application documents (EXCEL or PDF format) and submit.
Click the "送信;Submit" button at the bottom center of the page.

Submission deadline: 23:59, Friday, August 26, 2022 (JST)
We are not able to accept requests after the deadline.

3.Screening by graduate schools

Following graduate schools require Japanese language proficiency.
・Graduate School of Humanities: Adequate Japanese language proficiency for taking courses taught in Japanese.
・Graduate School of Law and Politics: Adequate Japanese language proficiency for taking courses taught in Japanese.
・Graduate School of Management: High-level Japanese language proficiency for taking the Business courses taught in Japan.

4.Notification of the Result

The International Affairs Office will inform you of the results at the email address provided on the Application Form. Usually, it takes about 3 weeks to get issued. Please ask your local Japanese Embassy about the deadline for submission of the Letter of Acceptance. Be sure to apply for the letter well ahead of time considering the deadline set by the local Japanese embassies.


International Affairs Office
Tokyo Metropolitan University

1-1 Minami-Osawa, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
192-0397 JAPAN

Email; tmu-mextscholarship※
(Put @ into the above e-mail address instead of ※)