Study Abroad at TMU

Life Information

1.Medical Treatments etc.

(1) National Health Insurance

Japan’s National Health Insurance is a system under which the national government, local governments and individuals share medical expenses incurred in cases of illness or injury, so that individuals can feel free to consult health care professionals without worrying about excessive fees. International students are required to enroll in the National Health Insurance plan, as are Japanese citizens, in their municipality or ward of residence. For details, please view from here.

(2) Personal Accident Insurance/Student Mutual Aid

Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (“Gakkensai”) covers expenses necessitated by accidents during university activities (lectures, experiments, practical exercises, field activities, etc.), travels between university facilities, and commuting. Student Mutual Aid “KYOSAI” , handled by the Co-op, covers expenses necessitated by accidents and injuries during university lectures, experiments and practical exercises. For details, please view from here (Japanese website only).

(3) Health Service Offices (Japanese website only link )

(4) Medical consultation with a physician (Japanese website only link )

(5) Annual health checkup (Japanese website only link )

(6) Medical institution information "Himawari" link

2.Part-time Jobs

International students with status of residence of “College Student” can work part-time by obtaining the “Permission to Engage in Activity Other than Status Qualification,” to the extent not affecting their studies. For details, click view from here.

○Information on part-time job opportunities

TMU is a member of the student part-time job information network “aines” and refers students to part-time job opportunities on the network.
Website of aines:

Aines is a system which allows 24-hours a day around the year job search via Internet from the PC or cell phone. Students seeking a part-time job are encouraged to register with the network to get job information or to apply for a job.
If you have any questions about how to use the system, contact the Career Support Affairs Office.
When you get in troubles such as experiencing gaps between the actual job and the referred job in terms of the job description or conditions, please report to the Career Support Affairs Office promptly.

3.Bicycle and Motor-bike Registration

Bicycles/motor-bikes must be registered for parking on campus.

(1) Commuting by bicycle

Where to register Students enrolled in the Minami-Osawa campus must register their bicycle with the faculty office to which they belong by presenting their student ID card or research student card, while 1st & 2nd-year undergraduates of System Design and 1st-year undergraduates of Health Sciences should register with the Student Affairs Office in the Student Support Center.
Entry permit sticker On completion of the registration, you will receive an entry permit sticker attaching to your bicycle. All unregistered bicycles, without the entry permit sticker, found on campus will be removed. Bicycles must be parked only within the designated parking area so that they will not be obstacles to emergency evacuation routes.

(2) Commuting by motor-bike

Where to register Student Affairs Office, Student Support Center.
Parking permit certificate and entry permit sticker Affix an entry permit sticker onto the rear tire cover or mudguard of your motor-bike. Unregistered bicycles/motor-bikes are not allowed to enter the campus.
Students to be eligible Students who live in an area of 1 kilometers or more away from the Minami-Osawa campus in a straight line.

(3) Commuting by car

Commuting by car is not allowed, unless absolutely necessary for students who are physically weak or challenged. For inquiries, contact the Student Affairs Office.

4. Important Reminder When Signing a Contract

When you sign a contract for a cell phone or Internet service, be accompanied by someone like a tour who speaks Japanese. You are expected to sign a contract after understanding fully the contents of the contract.