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For Newly Enrolled International Student

■April 2019 Calender for Newly Enrolled International Students

Check out events and orientations from here. (02/05/2019 Updated)

Minami Osawa Campus MAP

■Scholarship Orientation for Privately-Financed International Students

○Scholarship Orientation for Privately Financed International Students (detail)

【Date】 April 1(Mon) 15:30-17:00 (In Japanese)

【Place】 Conference Room 140, International House, Minami-Osawa Campus

○Scholarship Applications Pre-Registration

【Application Period】 April 1(Mon) - April 5(Fri)

■Orientation for Newly Enrolled International Students

【Date】 April 3(Wed) ①9:30~11:45(Japanese)②14:00~16:15(English)

【Place】 Conference Room 140, International House, Minami-Osawa Campus

【what to bring】 ①passport, ②residence card, ③insurance card, ④student ID

※Confirmation of the certificates for international students will be conducted right before the orientation for newly enrolled international students starts, so please be sure to bring your passport, residence card, health insurance card and student ID card.

※If you forget ①‐④necessary items, please submit to international affairs office(for Hino, Arakawa students, submit to your student affairs office) by April 24th.

※Compulsory for newly enrolled international students(including research students)

■Welcome Party

【Date】April 5(Fri) 17:30-18:30

【Place】 Lounge, International House, Minami-Osawa Campus


 ○Campus Map


 ○Tuition Reduction



If you have any inquiry, contact the International Student Support Section of the International Affairs Office, Tokyo Metropolitan University .

【Address】International Student Support Section,International Affairs Office,Tokyo Metropolitan University
1-1 Minami-Osawa, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-0397 JAPAN