Study Abroad at TMU

Tuition Fee Exemption / Reduction and Installment Payment

■Admission Fees

Students must pay the admission fee (amounts shown below) during admission procedures. If the admission fees are revised, the amounts will be updated.

Admission Fees for Students Admitted in FY2016

Tokyo residentsNonresidents
Graduate Students141,000yen282,000yen
Note: “Tokyo residents” refers to students who have had a residence in Tokyo for at least one year before the date of admission, either personally or through their spouse or a relation of the first degree. Documents certifying the information on the resident’s certificate of residence in Tokyo are required.


Students pay tuition in two equal installments, one for each semester. The tuition amounts are as shown below. Further, if tuition is revised while a student is enrolled, the new amount will be applied.

Annual tuition(First semester)(Second semester)
Graduate students (excluding Law School students) 520,800yen(260,400yen)(260,400yen)
Law School students663,000yen(331,500yen)(331,500yen)
If tuition is revised while a student is enrolled, the new amount will be applied.
Tuition (FY2018)

■Tuition Payment Method and Deadlines

Tuition is generally paid via automatic bank transfer. Your tuition for the first semester is withdrawn on April 26, and on October 26 for the second semester. If the 26th falls on a weekend or holiday, tuition will be withdrawn on the first following weekday. Please note that if you fail to pay your tuition after the deadline, even after receiving reminders for payment, may result in your expulsion from the university (Tokyo Metropolitan University Rules and Regulations, Article 33, etc.).

■Tuition Exemption/Reduction and Installment Payment Program

TMU provides a full waiver or 50 percent reduction of tuition for international students with excellent academic performance. There is also an installment system available to individuals who have difficulty paying tuition for each semester in a lump sum.

1.Eligible students

Undergraduates and graduate students (regular students)
Note: Research students and other non-regular students are not eligible.

2. Application process

Students must apply twice a year in the first and second semester. Please apply on the designated date in early April for the first semester, and in early October for the second semester.

The Student Affairs Section of the Student Affairs Office will distribute the required application documents in early February for the first semester and in late July for the second semester. These documents can also be downloaded from the Student Affairs Office website.

The university’s Student Affairs Committee will screen applicants and determine who is eligible for tuition waivers/reductions and the installment system. The results of the screening will be sent to the individual responsible for paying the student’s tuition in June for the first semester and November for the second semester.

For details, please visit the website below: