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Class Schedule for Exchange Students 2019 1st Semester(PDF)March 27 Updated!

Syllabi of Courses for Exchange Students 2019 Academic Year (March 27 Updated!)
Courses Offered in English
Japanese Language Course

*Exchange students are eligible to participate in courses offered in Japanese at each faculty with TMU degree students.

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International Exchange Courses

(1)Courses offered in English

SATOMU allows exchange students to select courses offered in English from faculties and fields. The courses include exploration of social, industrial and environmental issues in contemporary cities in a manner only offered at TMU, as well as material that deepens students’ understanding of Japan’s society, culture, history, industry, science and technology.

Courses Offered in English for AY 2019

(2)Japanese language courses

Japanese Language Courses are offered to help exchange students in various levels from zero to advance.
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(3)Tutorials offered in English

Students can get the individual guidance in specific areas of research the faculties.