Study Abroad at TMU

What is “Language Exchange”?

It is a project:

  • To boost mutual exchange among Japanese students and international students
  • To teach your first/fluent second language to your partner and learn your partner’s first/fluent language.
  • To boost mutual and diverse cultural understanding and expand friendship network through language learning in pairs and groups.

Language Exchange (Now accepting application!)

HANDs is looking for international students willing to join Language Exchange activity with them.
Please carefully read the recruitment and guideline as below, and send the application form to the following address after you fill in all the necessary parts of the form.

Mail to:language-exchange※
(Put @ into the above e-mail addressinstead of ※)
Mail Title:Application for Language Exchange
Please let us know "your name and student ID" on your text.

Recruitment clickhere.
Guideline clickhere.
Application form click here.