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  Program Overview
1 International Student Programs using Tokyo City Diplomacy Fund For details, view herelink
2 Graduate Short-Term Inbound and Outbound Program
This program sends and accepts graduate school students to and from overseas universities to carry out research exchan
To expand an international research network at graduate-levels as well as to promote exchanges among academic/research institutes across the globe, by supporting international student exchanges at Tokyo Metropolitan University Graduate Schools.
Graduate school students
14days – 90days
【Content of Support】
Travel expenses and accommodation allowance (the monthly allowance varies from region to region) provided for inbound and outbound students

【Program Report】
・2017 Program Report

3 Follow-up Research Fellowship for Former International Students
This program offers a short-term joint research opportunity and financial support to former international students who completed a course at Tokyo Metropolitan University.
To Strengthen the network between TMU and former TMU international students as well as to foster excellent human resources who can make contribution to the development of good will, friendship and mutual understanding between Tokyo Metropolitan University and overseas research institutes through the implementation of this Program, by offering an opportunity to carry out a short-term research with TMU researchers to the former TMU international students who are now actively engaged in education, academic research or public administration in their home countries or in third countries.
Researchers belonging to university research institutes overseas
30days – 90days
【Content of Support】
Round-trip airfare, accommodation allowance provided

【Program Repor】
2016 Program Report(4 Researches)
2017 Program Report(8 Researches)
・2018 Program Report(10 Researches)

1.Research Topic:PDFResearch into the sociolinguistic issues facing second language learners of Japanese
Foreign Researcher:Dr. Lee Soonhyung(South Korea)
Research Advisor:Professor Daniel Long, Graduate School of Humanities

2.Research Topic:PDFSyntheses of Structurally Well-defied Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons by One Pot Cascade Reaction of the Suzuki-Miyaura and the Mizoroki-Heck Coupling Reactions
Foreign Researcher:Dr. Md Awlad Hossain (Bangladesh)
Research Advisor:Professor Ken-ichi Sugiura, Graduate School of Science

3.Research Topic:PDFAssessment of species diversity and phylogeny of dragonflies and damseflies (Insecta: Odonata) of Vietnam
Foreign Researcher:Dr. Phan Quoc Toan (Vietnam)
Research Advisor:Professor Fumio Hayashi, Graduate School of Science

4.Research Topic:PDFIon-Molecule collisions with EUV spectroscopy
Foreign Researcher:Dr. Giorgi Veshapidze (Georgia)
Research Advisor:Professor Hajime Tanuma, Graduate School of Science and Engineering

5.Research Topic:PDFSynthetic and photophysical aspects of Porphyrin based molecular architectures via “click” reaction
Foreign Researcher:Dr. Shahed Rana (Bangladesh)
Research Advisor:Professor Ken-ichi Sugiura, Graduate School of Science and Engineering

6.Research Topic:PDFDevelopment of a Multi-attribute Technique for the Quantitative Assessment of Flood Disaster Risk Reduction Systems in Metro Manila, Philippines
Foreign Researcher:Dr. Romeo Libunao Gilbuena, Jr. (Philippines)
Research Advisor:Professor Akira Kawamura, Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences

7.Research Topic:PDFStudy on Urban-Rural Governance Based on Life Circle Theory
Foreign Researcher:Dr. Wang Lei (China)
Research Advisor:Professor Hidenori Tamagawa, Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences

8.Research Topic:PDFTo develop earth abundant silicon based molecular catalyst for performing water splitting reaction utilizing solar energy.
Foreign Researcher:Dr. Sebastian Nybin Remello (India)
Research Advisor:Professor Haruo Inoue, Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences

9.Research Topic:PDFPhysical activity of urban parks and their environment consequences
Foreign Researcher:Dr. Saika Ummeh (Bangladesh)
Research Advisor:Professor Toshio Kikuchi, Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences

10.Research Topic:PDFResearch on the causes of current damages of bridges and practical maintenance technologies in Japan and their applicability in Vietnam
Foreign Researcher:Dr. Nguyen Xuan Tung (Vietnam)
Research Advisor:Professor Jun Murakoshi, Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences

4 Young Researcher Overseas Visits Program
This program sends TMU young researchers (in principle, under the age of 39) to overseas universities/research institutes
To foster young researchers who will play a key role in international exchange and research activities as well as to promote formation of a research network of researchers and exchange activities including international joint researches,by providing support for sending TMU researchers to overseas universities/research institutes to conduct their researches
TMU academic staff(in principle, under the age of 39)
1month – 1year
【Content of Support】
Travel expenses and accommodation allowance provided

【Program Report】
・2016 Program Report

5 TMU Teaching Staff Exchange Program
This program exchanges teaching staff between TMU and overseas universities to conduct classes, seminars and similar activities at both universities.
To promote international exchange in education at Tokyo Metropolitan University by providing support for inviting competent teaching staff from overseas universities and sending TMU teaching staff to overseas universities in order to hold classes and seminars at both universities, as well as to nurture the international perspective of TMU students by giving them an opportunity to experience classes and seminars conducted by teaching staff from overseas
Teaching staff
3days – 30days
【Content of Support】
Round-trip airfares and other travel expenses, accommodation allowance

【Program Report】
・2017Program Report