About International Center

Researcher Visa Support

The International Affairs Office provides visa support for foreign researchers coming to Japan as visiting or adjunct faculty members that TMU faculty members host. The office also helps these visiting researchers with resident registration at the city office, opening a bank account and other procedures after they arrive in Japan. Please make use of these services.
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①Hosting department and name of hosting faculty member
②Name, citizenship, email address and affiliation/title (in home country) of the foreign researcher
③Hosting period and position
④Will family members be accompanying the researcher?
⑤Will the researcher need support in Japan(such as help with resident registration at the city office,
opening a bank account and other procedures)?

Guarantor and Referral Services

When foreigners are looking for an apartment, they have many difficulties due to the language barrier. Also, it is hard to find a reliable guarantor in Japan when they apply for a rental house. To support oversea students and researchers who stay for a certain period of time at TMU, we introduce the following guarantor company.

GTN (Global Trust Networks)
【Japanese Website】http://www.gtn.co.jp/link
【English Website】http://www.gtn.co.jp/en/link


○Guarantor Service (Please see the details from the GTN website)
GTN will be a guarantor for oversea students and researchers who are planning to sign an apartment lease contract in Japan. Those who are enrolled in TMU can receive benefit of the special rate of service.

Guarantor service fee

○Initial Guarantor Service Fee: special rate of 30% of total monthly rental fee (original rate is 50%) ※minimum 20,000 yen

○Annual Guarantor Service Fee: 10,000yen / year (you will be required to pay the annual guarantor fee yearly after 2 years.)

linkLeaflet of GTN Guarantor Service (JPN/ENG)
GTN provides the life support service by telephone, such as application for utilities at moving in and separating the garbage. This support is available in English and other languages.

○Referral Service
GTN supports foreigners so that they can smooth out the process of finding a house or an apartment which suits for their request. (The commission fee might be charged depends on a property)

○Website providing property information to foreigners
GTN manages the property search website,"Best-Estate.jp"link