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2017 Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship(Embassy Recommendation)

For those who have passed the primary screening of the 2017 MEXT Scholarship (Research Student) conducted by the Embassy/Consulate General of Japan in their home countries and wish to study at TMU

■Contact TMU

If you wish to study at TMU, please read the following procedures carefully and send required documents to the International Affairs Office. Please ensure that your documents reach us no later than August 31, 2016.  

(1) Please find a supervisor from the list of researchers posted on the webpage below.

※If the e-mail address of your desired supervisor is listed on TMU webpage, you may contact her/him before the release of the result of the primary screening. In this case, be sure to contact the International Affairs Office soon after passing it.

(2) Send us a set of the same documents as those submitted to the embassy, together with a certificate of preliminary selection issued by the embassy.

※you may send them by PDF files via E-mail with a password "tmu2017" or by registered mail such as EMS.

※Please let us know by e-mail the deadline when you must submit a letter of acceptance to the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General of Japan.

The deadline is August 31, 2016 (NLT).

(3) The International Affairs Office will forward your documents to your desired graduate school.

(4) Document Screening conducted by the graduate school.

※At this stage, additional documents or all original documents may be required depending on the graduate school.

(5) If the graduate school decides to accept you as a MEXT scholarship recipient, a letter of acceptance will be issued and sent to you by EMS from the International Affairs Office.

■ List of Required Documents

(a) Application Form (a prescribed form)

(b) Placement Preference Form (a prescribed form)(If any)

(c) Field of Study and Research Program Plan (a prescribed form)

(d) Academic transcript of each academic year of the last university attended (issued by the university attended)

(e) Graduation certificate or degree certificate of the last university attended (or an attested document certifying that the applicant will graduate from the school, where applicable)

(f) Recommendation from the principal or the adviser of the last university attended

(g)Recommendation from the present employer (if currently employed)

(h) Abstracts of theses

(i) Certificate of preliminary selection issued by the embassy.

※ Documents from (a) to (h) are a set of the same documents as those submitted to the embassy.

■List of Researcher

Please visit the list of Researcher from the following link.



If you have any inquiry, contact the International Student Support Section of the International Affairs Office, Tokyo Metropolitan University .

【E-mail】 ryuga-scholarship@jmj.tmu.ac.jp
【Address】International Student Exchange Section,International Affairs Office,Tokyo Metropolitan University
1-1 Minami-Osawa, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-0397 JAPAN