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TMU International Center

Courses Offered in English

"The International Exchange Courses" are offered in English for exchange students. TMU degree-seeking students can also take some of the courses as their "General Education Courses" etc. and have an opportunity to interact in English with exchange students.

平成27年度前期 (1st Semester, 2015 A.Y.)

Japanese Language and Society 「生物学概説IB」
General Biology I B
Global Mindset 「生化学概論1」
General Biochemistry 1
Ecology as Environmental Sciences
General Genetics 1
Cell Biology (General education subject)
General Taxonomy
Cell Biology (Specialized subject)
Sustainability Studies and Global Environmental Governance 「生化学各論」
The Historical Development of Business Accounting in Japan  

平成27年度後期 (2nd Semester, 2015 A.Y.)

The Japanese Language 「遺伝学概論2」
General Genetics 2
Intercultural Communication and Interaction 「生理学概論」
General Physiology
Evolutionary Biology (General education subject)
Human Biology
Evolutionary Biology (Specialized subject)
Tourism Theories and Practice 「生物学特別講義」
Special Lecture in Biology
Japanese Nature and Satoyama Environmental Ecology Ⅰ
General Biology II B
Regional Environmental Studies
General Biochemistry 2
Transport Planning and Management for Tourism Promotion